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Tenga Precaución con los Notarios - YouTube

Tenga precaución con los notarios. Hay notarios deshonestos que pretenden ser abogados. Es contra la ley que los consultores de inmigración y otros digan que son notarios si no son abogados. Antes de contratar a un notario, pida ver su licencia de la Barra de Abogados. No efectúe ningún pago sin ella. Si un notario no tiene una licencia de abogado, está violando la ley. Usted puede reportarlo a la Barra de Abogados de California sin poner en riesgo su privacidad. Llame al 866-879-4532 o visítenos Usted tiene derechos. Usted está protegido.

Nathaniel Brown
Forrest Gump v. Pulp Fiction: Overcoming the presumption of officer innocence.

“But why would the cop lie?  Cops don’t lie!”  A juror reportedly uttered this statement during deliberations in the case of a homeless veteran charged with assaulting a peace officer.  Now what’s important is not whether the veteran did in fact assault the officer thereby justifying the beating he received.  The disturbing thing is the statement made by the juror indicated a presumption of truthfulness and reliability on the part of officers. 

Nathaniel Brown
Can you get deported for a DUI? - Blacks Law Dictionary

Being convicted of a DUI can change your life dramatically. Regardless of whether you lose your privilege to drive, spend time in jail or end up being convicted of other crimes, you could be facing serious charges with a DUI looming over your head. Upon being arrested for a DUI, you will want to enlist the help of a qualified defense attorney to help understand what options you have available to you.

Nathaniel Brown
What Happens When You Get Pulled Over Without a Driver's License? Blacks Law Dictionary

In order to drive and be in accordance with the law, individuals must have their driver’s licenses. Some people mistakenly believe that driving is a right. However, according to federal law, driving is a privilege that can be revoked if certain conditions are not met. People who get pulled over without a driver’s license could face serious consequences, depending upon the circumstances.

Nathaniel Brown
Do I Need a Lawyer for a Suspended License Misdemeanor? - Blacks Law Dictionary

Depending upon your past experiences, you're likely to find the ordeal of being arrested and booked for a crime to be nerve-wracking and humiliating. Regardless of whether you're guilty of the crime with which you've been charged, you could easily be made to feel violated and dehumanized during the course of your arrest. If you're forced to spend a night in jail before being released on bail, you might feel even worse. Depending upon the seriousness of the crime with which you've been charged, you might have to spend the entirety of your pre-arraignment period in jail. In this case, you'll have to face a number of serious and potentially terrifying hassles.

Nathaniel Brown
Should I Get a Lawyer for a Drunk in Public Charge? - Blacks Law Dictionary

If you've recently been arrested on a public intoxication charge, you may be weighing your legal options. Before you opt to spend hundreds of dollars to hire a lawyer and fight your charge, you'll need to consider the circumstances surrounding your arrest. In most jurisdictions, public intoxication charges are regarded as either petty or simple misdemeanors.

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What happens if I violated my DUI probation by not being able to pay for the alcohol classes the court ordered? - Blacks Law Dictionary

Most states require motorists convicted of an alcohol- or drug-related driving violation to complete a state-approved DUI program. The intent of the programs is to reduce the number of repeat offenders by offering education and instruction the dangers of driving under the influence and to offer a forum in which participants can address personal issues they might have with alcohol or drugs.

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Yes, Black America Fears The Police. Here's Why. (Huff Post)

Last July 4, my family and I went to Long Island to celebrate the holiday with a friend and her family. After eating some barbecue, a group of us decided to take a walk along the ocean. The mood on the beach that day was festive. Music from a nearby party pulsed through the haze of sizzling meat. Lovers strolled hand in hand. Giggling children chased each other along the boardwalk.

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